Thank you South Africa !

It was an everlasting experience with the country and its people. This is the end of my assignment, but the beginning of a new relationship !

…and now I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends in Switzerland again !


More than just teaching !

There are still a lot of open issues until my departure on Oct 10th and I will definitively enjoy the remaining teaching lessons the most, I will certainly miss these moments a lot. These lessons gave me a lot of joy and energy and I enjoyed even the big preparation part of it, I felt a lot of passion and I got a lot of new experiences in terms of exposure, methods, impact, contents, evaluation and adaption, it was an amazing learning opportunity for me, wow !


The training provided to the youth entrepreneurs includes:
Life Skills
  • Self Management Skills – Using the SHAPE Model
    – S – Special Gifts/Talents H – Heart – What is your passion? A – Abilities – What are you good at? P – Personality – Getting to know yourself (Tested) E – Experiences – Using past Experiences (Good or Bad) for my advantage
  • Character Development – Making Good Choices
    – Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Good Citizenship
  • Getting & Implementing a MAP (My Action Plan) 4 LIFE
    – Getting Vision – Writing a Personal Mission Statement Setting Worthy Goals Where am now in relation to those goals? What are my Options? Finding      Mentors who can assist Making it happen!
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Creating good habits based on good values!

Business Skills

  • Introduction to Starting a Business
  • Entrepreneurship Success Stories – Why some made and others failed?
  • Basic Computer Skills – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet & E-mail
  • Marketing – Strategy, How, When, Where, & tools available
  • Business Simulator Board Game
  • Financial Management – income statements, balance sheets, budgeting, cash flow, Tax, interest, planning, saving & investing
  • Management – styles, responsibilities, roles, effectiveness & productivity
  • How Successful Entrepreneurs Think – Getting in the right frame of mind
  • Researching the viability of a business idea
  • Legal aspects of running a business – registration, Tax, VAT
  • Management functions and activities involved in running a business
  • Costing and Pricing, including the relationships between costs, revenue and profits
  • Understanding Demand & Supply – over & under…and how it influences the market

After all these weeks….

What I did, what I’m still doing:

– Writing the curriculum for personal and business finance for the youth-entrepreneurship-program (YEP)

-Integrate and teach contents in classes in four different township community centers for youths, aged 18 – 25, once a  week for half a day.

– Implement and teach additional skills training (life and business skills) in classes.

– Support main program teacher in preparing training sessions and by giving inputs in classes and sharing ideas and discuss different kinds of training forms.

– Support the local charity organization in terms of education (for example “budget training” for younger Kids,14-18, and homeless), and ideas and opportunities (in terms of funding, strategy, synergies, connections)

-Teaching  basic financial skills and provide personal financial advice to various staff members of the community centers.

-Overall support the Paarl community in providing and sharing ideas and thoughts for further perspectives and opportunities.

– Taking pictures…..



DSC03846 DSC03824

There’s more to come soon !


There is still a long way to stability for this nation and its people.

I’ve been working with and I’ve been teaching all kinds of people, I’ve been working at different locations, I’ve been working at different times and circumstances, I’ve experienced this nation and its people…and I think they have a chance, they have a chance to get out of poverty, to get out of the survival level….if they want to !

I know, there are circumstances beyond imagination, how people live, what they earn, unemployment, no food, no shelter, bad health conditions, but still they have a choice…if they want to !

We can help them, to help themselves, we can support them, but at the very end, they have to take the first step out, they have to start their journey by standing up and start walking, without blaming circumstances, without excuses, without justifications.

“Get up, stand up….stand up for your live”